Keep drumming and have a blast! Ronnie Watson, Twirl Masters
PS: Drummers are known as “Chick Magnets”, so now it can be said; “A Chick Magnet with a STICK MAGNET.
Hello Friends, I’m Ronnie Watson-
I’ve played drums for 44 years; though I never made the big times 30 years of my career has been as a professional. Most all my gigs were 4-45 minute sets; I’ve played on the East Coast, in hot and humid weather where my hands were constantly filled with sweat. I’ve played on the West Coast where the weather was so hot I nearly passed out from heat exhaustion. I’ve played in the mountains where the weather was so cold I thought my fingers were going to fall off. I’ve played off of pure adrenalin that I almost passed out from exhaustion and of course I have played so high that I could hardly “sit on the throne”.
On all occasions my drumming was good and on time, but fighting to keep the stick in my hand was exhausting, mentally and physically. I have tried sanding my sticks, making grooves on them, dipping them in liquid rubber, wrapping them with stick wrap, bat wrap and tennis racket wrap. I’ve attached balls on the butt-end, tried sticks that were shaped with humps for grasping, and I’ve tried slip on sleeves of plastic and rubber. It all worked well for awhile, but I still had to hold on to the stick.
I have spent most of my career trying to figure out how to keep my stick in my hand and about a year ago---it came to me, I invented the STICK MAGNET*! Got a patent* on it, found a manufacturer to manufacture it, built my web-page and here it is!
You try it, you’ll love it! You don’t have to hold onto the stick, just control the bounce. This relieves the fatigue build up in the hands and fingers, relaxes the wrist, frees your mind of dropping the stick, and gives better control which means less broken sticks and longer playing endurance. The STICK MAGNET is comfortable and massages the fingers as you play and it allows you to “Twirl” your stick without fear of dropping them.
The STICK MAGNET will put the joy back into playing. If the song is slow and dull, “twirl” a stick, if your meter gets off “twirl” a stick, you want to enhance your show, “twirl” a stick. Anytime you feel like twirling a stick, go ahead, you will not drop it!
I produce my own drumsticks because they are balanced for twirling. I supply the wrap because that is what I always use. I like the feel, and it helps absorb the vibration of the stick, reducing the fatigue build up.Well, there it is, the STICK MAGNET I wish I had it years ago and it is a whole new experience. Try them and see if you don’t get so excited that you won’t want to stop playing! If I’m not out performing I am out on my porch twirling sticks. Write and let me know what you think, send in a video and show me how you use the STICK MAGNET.
*Stick Magnet is Patent Pending and protected by copyright laws..
Stick Magnet®
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