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Stick Magnet

WOW!  The next best thing to glue!

 by: Steve (Father Time) Katz





All the way back to the 1960’s, ingenious ideas have come-n-gone, (tho some are still here) in terms of how to improve stick-grip for us drummers. We’d believed we’ve seen it all from: tapes and wraps counting into the thousands, tacky sprays which made their way here thru NFL wide-receivers treating their gloves and tennis pros treating their racket handles, various unusual and numerous stick innovations, palmless / fingerless gloves, even one guy told us he used his flexi wrist-watch band to help keep hold of his sticks. We used to sand the lacquer off, soon the stick-makers sent ‘em out sealed but unlacquered unvarnished, which we liked. Metal guys and other high impact drummers might combine gloves tape-wraps powders salves and sprays in tandem.


Today we’ve had some time to examine foot-pound energy to weight, mass, stroke-velocity, and other applicable Physics properties involved in our Drumistic Bio-Mechanics, and we’ve learned a few things. Most common is, that there’s always something between the stick and the hand to improve / increase stick-grip. This makes no sense, but has forever been the way, UNTIL NOW.


Ronnie Watson a veteran player has practically re-
invented the rubber band with his brand new pro-
duct, currently joining the stick-grip enhancement market, it’s called: Stick

Magnet. What we have

here is: two rubber
bands connected, one
of which is partially di-
vided to fit around any
two fingers of the hand
while the center-located
(separate but attached)
rubber band between these, fits around the stick. Ronnie assures us that several sizes ranging from tiny young fingers, up to mammoth and in many cool
colors, along with lotsa kit-matching styles will soon be added. And what sets this unique product

apart from all others? It completely eliminates everything between the stick and hand, thus re-establishing contact, to improve dynamic sensitivity and articulation.


There was one little drawback; we found removing them then putting them back on takes a few moments so  quick
changes could take
longer, but we found
a way
around   this.
they’ll fit eve-
in your stick-
, all
your sticks
mallets.    SE-
they’re SO affordable you could have one on everything, making quick changes more swiftly, smoothly. All that’s needed is a little experimentation, some trial-n-error in your initial fittings, and once set, you’re good to go. I used ‘em during a demo-recording session with my band, they’re absolutely silent, and once in place, they’re out-of-mind, then it was on to capturing / preserving the magic!


Stick Magnet works, I use ‘em myself. I’ve lived with ‘em for a while now. Don’t tell anyone, but IF you’re that ‘showy’ player with aerial acrobatics in your skill-set, Stick Magnets will make sure you’ll never drop a stick, eliminating the surprise flyaway. They’d literally connect the stick to the hand. I couldn’t even shake ‘em off! Also; and here’s my favorite part, IF grip enhancement isn’t required in your drumming, I’ve discovered using Stick Magnets while drilling at my practice pad away from the kit, for increasing the articulation needed for getting down those dizzying patterns I’ll use later, whether live on stage or in the studio, with much greater confidence and accuracy.


And speaking ofaway from the kit; have grip issues that adversely affect all your ADL’s, (that’s Therapist speak for Activities of Daily Living)? Stick Magnet can assist you; from firmly holding your morning toothbrush, to securing all your kitchen cooking / table utensils, desk letter-writing pens, artist brushes, household or shop tools for fixing / building, Stick Magnet will fit practically everything! Need grip? Stick Magnet is a simple yet elegant solution. Let’s welcome Ronnie into the DDA, he can be contacted at: (951)-533-5614, or search on-line at:  TWIRLMASTERS.NET 



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Come One, Come All!  Now open for business the Corner Market is your new DDA Store.  Members may list items for sale: Drums, Cymbals, Hardware & Equipment.  Also items wanted.  ALL PRICES NEGOTIABLE! 


  **Items to be submitted for the Corner Market should accompany detailed info: Age, condition, price and brief description. Please, industry related only!  (No car parts!) Proceeds from the sale of all items benefit the DDA (Except CD’s).  If no price is in­cluded in the ad, the price is negotiable – make offer. Shipping charges are the re­sponsibility of the recipient. Books require $2.00 S/H.  Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.  Make checks payable to the DDA, 18901 NW 19th Ave., Miami, FL 33056. Contact us for more information at  (305) 621-9022 or  e-mail:  DDAFathertime@comcast.net




Drums, Gear &




Lights - Three Par-64 Lighting Cans, barely used, under 100 hours- sorry, no jells. Chrome; look like new and ready to go!  $100/set.  $80


Pedal – Ascend – double pedal, good student model - $70 – contact Father Time, 305-621-9022


Drummers Lounge.com has adaptive equipment for sale.  Contact Dave Epler at the site or call 909-226-7448.


Triplet Drum Glove as featured in previous articles.  Keep your grip on! Contact James Lento @ jimmiedrums@aol.com or call 914-787-8840.


Stick Magnet - Featured in this month’s newsletter on Page 5.  No need for wraps – keep your sticks in your hand. Contact Ronnie  Watson @ (951)-533-5614, or search on-line at: Twirlmasters.net.  



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Rockin' Bass Drum                 

  Exciting patterns for Rock    

John Lombardo and Charles Perry   



Advanced Rock Drumming    

  A Complete Method  Roy Burns     $12.95


Elementary Rock & Roll Drumming   

  A Basic Step-By-Step  Roy Burns   $5.95


Simple Steps to Snare Drum
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Drum Set Crash Course W/CD
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Studies for the Contemporary Drummer         

John Xepoleas                         



Liberty Devitto-Off the Record          

  Billy Joel Transcriptions, John

Riley,  Bill Reeve, Dan Thress                  




**More Books on the Website!!!










Kenny Aronoff

 Power Workout – 1

Double Bass Exercises – \

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Kenny Aronoff

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Sound and Design (another from

Bob’s Tuning Series)                              

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Dave “Bedrock” Bedrosian

Drum Tuning                       

$12.00 Sale $10


Terry Bozzio – Solo Drums

Companion book included              

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Classic Drum Solos and

Drum Battles                       

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Marco Minnemann “Live” in LA  

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*In VHS Format


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Don’t need sticks?  Going out and have nothing to wear?  How about showing off a stylish ensemble in classic black and gold.  You’ve asked for them and now the New DDA T-shirts and Hats are available. 


The T-shirts are black with the DDA logo and Drum Til Ya Drop! in gold.  100% cotton Hanes Beefy T’s are cool and comfortable. Available in XL, 2X and 3X to give you plenty of room to play.

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Don’t want us sending you re­minders every four newsletters?  Me neither! As an added in­centive, the DDA is offering a two-year membership for $35.  A six-year member­ship is avail­able for only $100.  With every six-year membership, you’ll also receive a FREE T-shirt. (If you already have a T-shirt – we will gladly switch your free gift to a hat.) 

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Member Biographies

Desperately needed!  We still crave video footage of our members and their biogra­phies for future publications and promo packages. Audiotapes and photos are also welcome.  How else are we gonna get to know ya? Unless you want us to guess!!

The following article appeared in the July 2012 issue of The Disabled Drummer's Association Newsletter..
Items listed above for sale in the The Disabled Drummer's Association Newsletter may be purchased on their web site at:  http://www.disableddrummers.org